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Summer Camp 2000 - Douglas West

In July of 2000 we held a summer camp at the BCM Douglas West centre in South Lanarkshire. We had a great week and 9 kids were saved, along with 2 teenagers rededicating their lives to God.

Have a look at what we got up to. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

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John the cook was first to arrive and it wasn't long before everyone else arrived to join him. Everyone that is, except one busload of campers and leaders who got slightly lost on the way to Douglas West and ended up nearer Carlisle than the camp centre!

The first games were played and the camp was divided into their teams for the week, with Vicky captain of the reds and Stephen captain of the blues.

Mickey, the camp director, also began his teaching by introducing us to our topic for the week, 'The Heart of David.'

Outside the bus... and inside the bus

The bus gets ready to leave Wemyss Bay

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The activities today included church in the morning, the wide game in the afternoon, charades and a treasure hunt. Susan also began teaching the serial story of Hudson Taylor.

Girls hiding from the camera     Charades

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On Monday we had our first outing to Strathclyde Park. Our prayers were answered and the weather was great! We started off on the boats, with everyone getting a bit wet, but quickly dried off once we went round to M&Ds to enjoy all the rides and attractions.

On the boats at Strathclyde Park     On the boats at Strathclyde Park
On the boats at Strathclyde Park
Fun on the boats at Strathclyde Park
Enjoying a break

Enjoying a break

Mickey and Stephen battle it out   Stephen goes wide at the corner

Mickey and Stephen battle it out on the track

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Tuesday was bowling day at Coatbridge. We had a bit of a set back when the buses got lost on the way there. We eventually arrived safely only for three of our lanes to fail to work properly! Eventually we got going and had a good day out.

Don't touch my juice!
Don't touch my juice!

More boys at bowling Tiddles One of the girls
More boys at the bowling ... and some of the girls

Taking a break
Taking a break

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Sports day! This was the day to earn lots of points for your team. The reds and the blues battled it out all afternoon in various events with the blues just triumphing overall. The afternoon was finished off with a great water fight to cool everyone off!

The girls get stuck in at the pillow fight The twins in action
A bit of a mismatch gets evened up

Action from the pillow fights

The head on pole race
The blues and the reds take part in the head-on-pole race

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On Thursday we visited the Aquatec in Motherwell for swimming and ice skating. The Christian bookshop was also nearby and many campers and leaders went across to have a look and to do some shopping.

Enjoying lunch outside the Aquatec
Enjoying lunch outside the Aquatec

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In the morning the campers were given the opportunity to say their memory verses to earn points for their team. Then in the afternoon it was time for some more shopping, this time at East Kilbride. In the evening we had party games followed by the evening meeting with the sword drill finals and the conclusion of the points competition. Despite being a long way behind at the start of the meeting, the reds somehow managed to claw it back to take the victory. Susan also concluded the serial story for the week.

Kids at the camp fire

It was then on to the camp fire, with hot dogs, songs and a sharing time, before back to the dorms for quiet times and a light snack(!) before bed.

Kids at the camp fire The sword drill champion celebrates his victory.
Kids at the camp fire The sword drill champion
celebrates his victory.

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Time to pack up, clean up, say good-bye, and load everything on to the buses and into the cars, before heading home for a well deserved rest.

Campers, leaders and even the cook!
Campers, leaders and John the cook!

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More pictures

Beverley has a humbling experience while washing Daniel's feet
Good hygiene is very important at camp...

Make sure you wash!
and you must make sure to wash!

Sister sister Take that!
Watch out Stand still!

As some of the others find out

An honour camper...and one of the twins!
An honour camper...and one of the twins

Father and son
Father and son

Getting stuck in at handcraft Getting stuck in at handcraft

Getting stuck in at handcraft

Some of the Hallsiders pose for the camera
Some of the Hallsiders pose for the camera

Sword Drill time
Sword Drill time

Dinner time!
Dinner time!

If you want to see more then check out Susan's camp web site at: http://www.thewenlocks.com/Camp2000.html

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