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Sword Drill Tips & Hints

Sword Drills Instructions Tips & Hints Examples

There are a number of important things that you should try to remember when using a Sword Drill. Some of these relate to the age of the children that you are working with and others relate to how you prepare your Sword Drill.


  • Keep the verses small. Remember that the children will have to read these verses out in front of others.
  • Use verses that do not have difficult words that children would struggle to pronounce.
  • Remember that there are certain verses that would not be appropriate for children to read out loud.
  • Always prepare more verses than the number of finalists you expect to have. You never know what could go wrong.
  • Prepare for more than just one translation. Get to know what versions of the Bible the children are using and prepare the verses accordingly.


  • Make sure that all the children know what they are supposed to do and explain the instructions clearly to those who are not sure.
  • Have the finalists stand in a position where you can watch them as well as the rest of the children.
  • While the verses are being read out make sure that the rest of the children are paying attention.
  • Have the winner of the final read out the winning verse. Try and make this verse relate to a theme. This could be the theme of a Bible story that you are about to teach.

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